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Cogent bulls dominate at leading Irish show

Daughters of Cogent bulls took the Emerald Expo 2014 by storm, in what was widely regarded as the best Expo ever hosted by the Irish Holstein Friesian Association (IHFA).

Held in Kilkenny in the Irish Republic at the end of April, it was the World Wide Sires stud, marketed in the UK by Cogent, which undoubtedly stole the show.

The overall headline bull of the day was Atwood; the champion herself was a daughter of Duplex; and every one of the calf and heifer classes was won by a Cogent bull.

John and Johnny Barrett from Co Cork took the top honours with their senior cow,
Lau­rel­more Duplex Impala EX93. Taking both supreme and exhibitor-bred cham­pionships, this 14,000kg cow also won best udder.

Reserve champion was one of the many Atwoods that dominated the show - this one in the shape of Cahirmee Atwood Pres­ence.

Both intermediate and junior champions were also sired by Atwood, the former being Hal­low Atwood Twiz­zle and the latter being Tub­ber­toby Atwood Fran.

Honourable mentions in both the junior and intermediate line ups were also daughters of WWS bulls, with Glaslough Damion Breeze taking the junior position and Bal­don­nel Sanchez Vera taking the intermediate.

Judging was in the capable hands of the renowned Nico Bons from the Netherlands, whose decisions and reasons met with the full approbation of the IHFA. He also said his leading cows were capable of winning at a European level, and urged exhibitors to take their cattle to the next European Show in France in 2016.

But it was the domination of the young classes by WWS bulls that gave those at Cogent most heart, with these youngsters showing all the signs of making great cows of the future.

"Atwood himself was the star bull of the show - just as he has been at major Holstein events around the world," said Leiza Montgomery, Breeding Advisor from Cogent. "He is the bull of the moment when it comes to breeding cows for the show ring, where they're tall and upstanding and stand out from the crowd."

World Wide Sires highlights include:

Supreme Champion
Lau­rel­more Duplex Impala

Inter­me­di­ate Cham­pi­on
Hal­low Atwood Twiz­zle (Atwood)

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Clon­paddin WPW Jill (Atwood)

Honorable Men­tion
Bal­don­nel Sanchez Vera (Sanchez)

Junior Cham­pi­on
Tub­ber­toby Atwood Fran (Atwood)

Reserve Champion
Cahirmee Atwood Pres­ence (Atwood)

Hon­ourable Men­tion
Glaslough Damion Breeze (Damion)

Calf class highlights include:

Class 1 - Hol­stein Friesian Heifer born after September 1st, 2013 class

1.Clon­paddin G Chip Fame (Goldchip)
2.Cahirmee Demp Per­fec­tion (Dempsey)
3.Cahirmee Dempsey Per­fec­tion (Dempsey)
4.Clon­paddin Atwood (Atwood)

Class 2 - Heifer born between March 1st & August 31, 2013 class

1.Glaslough Damion Breeze (Damion)

Class 3 - Heifer born between 1st September 1st, 2012 and February 28, 2013 class

1.Cahirmee Atwood Pres­ence (Atwood)

Class 4 - Heifer born between March 1st & August 31,2012 class

1. Tub­ber­toby Atwood Fran (Atwood)

Junior Heifer in Milk Born after Sep­tem­ber 1st and February 28th, 2011

1.Hal­low Atwood Twiz­zle (Atwood)

Senior Heifer in Milk born between March 1st and August 31,2011

1.Clon­paddin MPW Jill (Atwood)

Junior Cow in Milk class

1.Bal­don­nel Sanchez Vera (Sanchez)