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Cogent reaffirms the strength and reliability of its stud in August proofs

This week's DairyCo proof run heralds a new era for cattle breeding, in which a fresh focus is placed on the efficiency of milk production alongside all of the values cattle breeders have long held dear.

And the Cogent portfolio has risen to the challenge - adding new bulls to its line-up with imaginative outcross bloodlines; reinforcing its credentials as a conformation leader; reinstating its position with high-ranking £PLI sires; and reasserting itself as a consistent and reliable source of UK-proven bulls.

With a sharpened focus on value-for-money too, there are bulls to suit every pocket and a wide ranging choice to satisfy breeders of every persuasion.

New bulls

Four bulls which are new to the proven Cogent line-up illustrate the stud's diversity, with three originating in the World Wide Sires acclaimed portfolio from the USA and Italy, and another home-bred here in the UK.

Rich-Banks He-Man (an early Man-O-Man son) is amongst the best the USA has to offer, with a PLI of £368 combined with superb daughter fertility, low cell counts and 2.44 points for Type Merit.

Springhill-OH Iron J Pirate brings an unusual combination of bloodlines (as a Planet from a Boss Iron) and a complete index across the board. Particularly outstanding is his Type Merit at +3.83, reflecting superb mammary and feet and leg conformation as well as wide and deep-bodied daughters.

Pirate daughter: Triangle-M Pirate 4582 GP83

Trione Colb Tesser is bred in Italy with continental flair and an outcross pedigree, combining Colby with FBI. With a Type Merit of +3.24 and outstanding daughter fertility (+4.8), Tesser will also lengthen daughter lifespans.

Kirkblythe Dundeel rounds off the new entrants, this time with UK breeding and again with outcross bloodlines. A son of Cogent Maestro, Dundeel has over two points for type and transmits outstanding udder conformation.

Dundeel daughter: Darmal Rebecca 9

High type bulls

Further reaffirming Cogent's high type credentials, are the four leading UK and international bulls ranked on Type Merit - Gold Chip, Bradnick, Golden Dreams and Mincio - all from the Cogent portfolio and with massive scores for Type Merit at over four points.

"High type remains important to a huge proportion of our customers and these are bulls we are confident will breed good-looking and hard-wearing cows," says Mike Phillips from Cogent.

High £PLI bulls

£PLI also remains a linchpin of the Cogent portfolio and here too the stud excels.

"We have Kody, with a massive PLI of £542, leading the way, and also offering high type and the highest daughter Fertility Index (+12.8) of the leading £PLI sires," says Mr Phillips.

"Then there's Grafeeti, a son of Freddie and also a top five £PLI bull at £538. His high component milk and exceptional daughter fertility and fitness are complemented by +3.34 points for type, making him the highest type bull in the top PLI list."

Bookem also combines high PLI (£486) with outstanding Type Merit at +3.13, also offering high milk volume, low cell counts and good daughter fertility.

And Milo too, bred in the UK, has steadily climbed through the £PLI rankings as more UK daughters have been added, and into the international top 30, where he has all the qualities of health and efficiency demanded by modern breeders and rewarded in the newly revised £PLI. His PLI now stands at £455.

Complete package sires

"But it's not all about headline bulls," says Mr Phillips, "and many bulls in the Cogent stud I'd describe as 'all-rounders', transmitting the qualities most valued by breeders and quietly producing those proverbial cows they 'don't know they have'.

"Shamrock, Parocas, Asterix and Twist are cases in point," he says.

Shamrock combines a rock-solid PLI of £395 with high daughter fertility and health, and a Type Merit of +3.07; Parocas now has second crop daughters coming through from Italy and reaffirms his position as a highly reliable sire with over two points for type; Asterix excels for daughter fertility as more daughters are added; and Twist reaffirms his position as a truly great bull of the Holstein breed, tripling the number of UK daughters in his type index, which remains rock solid at 96% reliability.

"Twist has been a flagship bull for the Cogent stud for many years, and he continues to uphold the values for which we stand of consistency, reliability and outstanding performance in UK conditions," adds Mr Phillips. "Like many of our bulls, he is available as sexed semen, so helping our customers to breed the heifers they need and bring their businesses the extra profits we want to help them make."

For more information about the Cogent stud, please call Cogent on 0800 783 7258.