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Meet the people behind Precision MATCH

Our Precision MATCH Team are not new to the business of cattle breeding. With more than a century of experience between them, our Evaluators have a wealth of knowledge and are not afraid to put it to good use. As quite possibly the best team to solve the hardest of problems, the one thing that every Precision MATCH Evaluator has in common is that they're experts in their field.

NEIL GREGGOR M: 07817 232 373

When it comes to industry experience, Neil has more than most. Growing up, Neil had a passion for cattle genetics which led him to find an occupation that would allow him to follow his dreams while, providing a vital service to dairy farmers. 30 years later and with extensive careers as a Herdbook Classifier and Mating Evaluator under his belt, Neil's expertise in dairy cattle breeding is unrivalled. Today, Neil's knowledge will see him lead his customer base across the South of England as well as the Precision MATCH programme and the Evaluator team.

AMY HALL-BROWN M: 07718 210 066
Following a 20 year career in the agricultural industry, Amy's calling eventually came to rest in the dairy sector as that is where she felt most content. After six years working for the Cattle Information Service, a chance meeting with Neil Greggor saw Amy get her 'big break' and she became a fully-trained Mating Evaluator for Cogent in South West England. Almost two years later and Amy has never looked back. She particularly loves the team spirit shared by all the MATCH Evaluators and feels that listening to customer demands is key to a great service.

JAMIE SPROULE M: 07827 304 010

As the newest team member, dairying is firmly in Jamie's blood. Growing up on a dairy farm, Jamie always had a passion for genetics and breeding. After securing a Field Sales Advisor position within Cogent, Jamie's potential was soon recognised and he was delighted to accept his dream role as a fully-trained Evaluator. Jamie will be responsible for targeting inbreeding and driving improvement within his customers' herds throughout Northern Ireland and says he can't wait to get out there and make a difference.

Picture from L-R: Michael Parkinson, Amy Hall-Brown, Phil Arrell, Neil Greggor, Jamie Sproule, Kevin Rickard

PHIL ARRELL M: 07889 538 859

With 27 years in the agricultural industry behind him, Phil has made his mark in plenty of career choices. As a previous Classifier for Holstein UK, Phil is keen to put his widespread skills to good use by helping his customers breed a better cow for their system. After working with Cogent for more than a year, Phil's main responsibilities cover the North of England. He firmly believes that technology is only as good as the team collecting the data with great people bringing great

KEVIN RICKARD M: 07800 534 621
Kevin has been involved with dairy cattle for as long as he can remember. After living and working on the family farm, Kevin started showing cows when he was just five years old. A career within the AI industry was the next logical step and Kevin spent time in Melbourne, Australia serving vast numbers of dairy herds; his personal record is 197 cows served in a day! Kevin joined Cogent as a Precision MATCH Evaluator back in January and is delighted to bring his expertise to dairy herds across Wales, Hereford and parts
of Gloucester.

MICHAEL PARKINSON M: 07803 511 755

Boasting a career within the agricultural industry spanning almost 40 years, Michael Parkinson has always had a drive to improve farm profitability by breeding the right animal. Fifteen years ago, Michael took the next step in his career and used his extensive experience to set up evaluation teams and mating programs throughout Eastern Europe and the Middle East. After joining Cogent as a Precision MATCH Evaluator, Michael quickly put his exceptional knowledge to good use. Today, his ethos has not changed and he is ready to bring beneficial technology to his customer base throughout Scotland and Northern England.