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Signature Beef - six years on

Founding the new era

Cogent Breeding started out in 1995 as specialists in dairy genetics but for all the years that the dairy bulls were stealing the limelight, behind the scenes, Cogent had a vision of a UK beef market that was profitable, market driven, internationally competitive and sustainable.

However, Cogent knew that this was a goal that could only be achieved through a wider use of AI alongside the very best genetics. This knowledge saw the beginning of a dedication to offer the best bloodlines and a better understanding of AI to every beef Farmer in the UK. Soon after, in 2010, Cogent's Signature Beef range was launched.   

From humble beginnings with Cogent gaining access to semen from breeders of elite bulls in both pedigree and commercial herds, the popularity of the Signature Beef range quickly grew. In October 2010, in recognition of this initial success, Cogent went full throttle and added an extensive range of beef bulls including breed-leading sires such as Auchorachan Wizard, Powerhouse Elite and Netherallan Peter Pershore, into their own stud. 

Auchorachan Wizard

Powerhouse Elite
A changing industry

With a specialist beef range in place, Cogent were well aware that the time was right to gain ground in established beef genetics. As the next logical step, Cogent made the move to secure the exclusive marketing rights of Stabiliser semen within the UK. This allowed the company to expand into low cost, high value suckler systems to improve the competitiveness of beef producers facing higher costs.  

It soon became clear that Cogent had to be at the forefront of reproductive technologies and knowledge. Therefore, as already established leaders in sexed semen technology, Cogent began to offer sexed male and female beef semen.

By improving the technological advances for the beef herd, Signature Beef became unstoppable in tapping into the demands of the beef market with specialised products that allowed farmers to tailor their breeding plans and satisfy buyer requirements.

Where is Signature Beef today?

Six years later and Signature Beef has gone from strength-to-strength. Today, Cogent boasts two of the most extensive beef and dairy portfolios available, a growing team of specialists and the most up-to-date heat detection and heard health technology.

It is fair to say that that Cogent's reputation as the fastest growing UK beef stud has been cemented and they mean business.

Speaking about Signature Beef's six year success, Cogent's Boomer Birch said: " The beef portfolio has come from nothing to everything. Over the last six years, Cogent has shown that as a company we take on board industry trends to be able to supply something for everyone, regardless of their breeding preference. I am looking forward to many more years as we continue to work alongside our customers to develop the services that will allow them to manage their businesses more efficiently."