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Platinum shines brighter than ever

One of the most exciting, young, Ayrshire sires in the UK has, this week, risen to a new level of success after being genotyped on the American Ayrshire base.

Named after one of the world's most precious metals, Tristar Platinum has been in high demand across Ayrshire herds since joining the Cogent Stud two years ago.

A Reality son of Forever Schoon Perfecta EX96, Platinum's defining characteristic is Type. His PTAT of +0.80 ranks him amongst the best available sires in the UK and this trait is already being passed down to his early daughters with one of his first, Tri-Star Genetics Platinum Melody, already winning shows around the South-West.

Tristar Platinum

His Net Merit (NM$) score of +286 and a milk figure of +686lbs complements his positive components and good Somatic Cell Score (SCS). Add to this Platinum's profit making potential and it's clear to see this is one world-class, genomic sire who is going to exceed all expectations.

Richard Bostock, Cogent's Progeny Evaluator, said: "Platinum is a pillar stone of the strongest offering of Ayrshire genetics that Cogent has ever had. He is joined by newly proven, farmer favourite Hilltown Oblique, whose progeny are having similar success in the showring with Butterbesley Oblique May winning the 2yr old section and Honourable mention Breed Champion at Devon County Show.

"These bulls are nicely complimented by a star studded, line-up from our partners Cattle Services Ayr. This includes West Mossgiel Modern Reality who comes in as the number three available sire for type at+2.40 Type Merit, positive components, +9.3 fertility and a PLI of +£346; making him one of the most complete Ayrshire sires available in the UK. We are also pleased to bring two sons of the famed Sandyford Clover 10 EX97, who, at 14 years of age, is still in demand with her 20 day old daughter recently selling for just shy of £5,000 at auction.

"It has really never looked brighter for the Cogent Ayrshire portfolio and we are excited at what the future holds for our own programme and also our collaboration with Cattle Services Ayr."

For more information about any of the sires mentioned, please contact your local Cogent Breeding Advisor.