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Cogent Breeding has announced an exclusive relationship with Illinois-based Jetstream Genetics LLC which will give UK farmers access to some of the very top genetics available globally.

Established in 2012, Jetstream Genetics LLC has developed a strong market position built on reliability, integrity and an exceptional sire line up.  Its portfolio offers breeders a wide range of bulls, from breed-leading genomic sires backed by great cow families to some of the world's highest type sires

Under the terms of the arrangement, Cogent will be the exclusive distributor for Jetstream genetics in the UK, and Hugh Pocock, Cogent Genetics & Product Development Manager believes this means UK dairy farmers will have increased choice.

He says: "We are continuously looking to secure bulls that meet our customers' expectations -supplying them with a diverse portfolio of bulls, to suit most farming systems and pockets.   We are confident that Jetstream sires will complement our existing line up, giving customers even greater choice.  As farmers look to build dairy herds that can deliver sustainable production in volatile markets, access to a wider selection of sires will ensure more robust breeding plans."

The full complete Jetstream Genetics sire line-up will be available thru this new arrangement. The first four bulls that we will feature include three elite JETSET Priority Genomic sires and a Daughter Proven Performance Sire.

Farnear-TBR-BH Cashcoin - UK PROVEN sire boasting £522 PLI with 9.1 fertility, 0.5 Lifespan and very easy calving at 0.9.  Adding to this is his exceptional type merit at 2.39 with zero for stature.  He is backed with the famous Regancrest-PR Barbie's that have proven their quality time and time again. 

Endco Superhero - UK PLI genomic leader at £723PLI with 808kgs milk, 0.01% Fat & 0.01% Protein, 10.7 fertility, 0.7 Lifespan and 2.77 mammary. Superhero is also chart-topping in the USA, Canada and Germany amongst many other countries. His dam is an impressive young cow, recently scored VG85 VGMS at 2 years. Superhero's pedigree stack is Supershot x VG85 Numero Uno x VG86 DOM Shamrock x VG87 DOM Man-O-Man x Clear-Echo 822 Ramos EX94 DOM x VG87 Hershel x VG86 GMD DOM.  

IHG Montana - high component sire with +0.11% Fat & +0.02% Protein, £623 PLI, 0.7 Lifespan, 8.8 fertility and 2.69 Type Merit (2.58 Mammary). Montana's dam by Numero Uno is VG at 2 years. He completes 10 generations of VG and EX dams: Montross x Numero Uno x Domain x Planet Manitoba x Shottle May. 

IHG Merlot - highest PLI & Fat % sire in the breed - with £651 PLI, 0.27% Fat & 0.08% Protein, 520kgs milk, 5.8 Fertility, 0.5 Lifespan. His sire stack is Silver x Numero Uno x VG88 Observer x VG88 Diehard x Shottle x VG87 Outside and Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX92 3E GMD DOM. 

Commenting on the relationship, Roger Turner, Global Sales and Genetic Manager for Jetstream Genetics says: "Our goal is to move genetics forward.  Positioning ourselves with such an experienced and strong partner as Cogent provides both companies with the opportunity to prepare for the future of the dairy industry while providing the best genetics and service to customers."