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Why you should be using ALAMO

Solid cow families are always found at the root of all great bulls on the current market. One family that is exactly that is that of ALAMO who hails from the great Snow-N Denises Dellia cow family.

Why should you add ALAMO to your breeding programme: 

#1 - PLI

Alamo has a PLI of £611 ranking him among the best bulls available on the UK market.

#2 Fertility

With a +5.1 Fertility index, his daughters will on average have a 2.5 day shorter calving interval than their herd mates, saving you a predicted total of £12.50 per daughter per lactation.

#3 Production

ALAMO is not only +820Kgs of milk suggesting his daughters will be highly productive, but he also offers over 57Kgs of combined fat and protein.

#4 Lifespan

This cow family has been around for generations and one thing about them is that they last. Not surprisingly ALAMO has a lifespan score of +0.6 Meaning his daughters will have a herd life of 6 months longer than their herd mates.

Pic shows: Alamo