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Cogent Triple Impact success in Cheshire


We visit Philip Winward from Malpas, Cheshire who discusses his success with Cogent Triple Impact British Blue semen.

Tripe Impact, Cogent's fertility enhancing semen, exploits the variation in bull semen maturation rates. Combining the semen of three bulls in one straw ensures the semen is active for longer, thereby extending the time during which a cow's egg can be fertilised.

Philip Winward manages a herd of 200 Holstein-Friesians in 245 acres at Croxton Manor, Malpas, Cheshire. He runs an all-year round calving system, with a herd that yields an average of 8,500 litres per year on a Tesco contract. The farm is feeding 2.8 tonnes of concentrate per cow, and is currently gaining 2.5 milk from forage. Philip carries out 100% of the A.I on the farm and is achieving a pregnancy rate that is running at 24% with a calving index of around 390. "As we are a flying herd, it is essential that the cows get in calf as quickly as possible" explains Philip.
He has been using Cogent Triple Impact for the past few years and has been receiving excellent results with his British Blue calves. "I want a high-quality product with good pregnancy rates and easy calving, which is why I have been using Cogent Triple Impact for the last 5 years. It is great value for money and provides top end quality calves that are easily born, full of vitality and have fantastic growth rates!" says Mr Winward.

Most of the calves at Croxton Manor are sold through Buitelaar and the rest are sold through the local market at which he receives excellent prices. With calves being graded, calf trait is an important part of the business. Consistently good growth rates, conformation, and calf colour are important traits for Mr Winward and by using Cogent Triple Impact British Blue semen he has reaped the benefits.

In the next few years, Philip is looking to expand the business. He is currently in the process of building a new parlour as well as a new cubicle shed to accommodate more cows, as he is hoping to increase the herd size to 240 in the future.

The bulls used in the Cogent Triple Impact formulated mixes are selected from sires that are graduated through a very reliable and respected Beef Visions Programme. This programme was developed to improve herds while working in partnership with farmers to improve the quality, productivity, and profitability of their herds. All bulls have been chosen for their ease of calving on dairy cows and first-class calf quality.

"The Triple Impact product is a farmer favourite. It is an ideal way of improving conception rates and in turn, reducing calving intervals to increase efficiency within herds."
Boomer Birch - Beef Sire Analyst

Choose from a combination of three British Blues in a straw, a blend of Native breeds, or a blend of Aberdeen Angus.

For more information on Cogent Triple Impact or any of our other products please call one of the Cogent Team on 0800 783 7258.