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"The calves are hard to fault they just get up and go" - D A & L A Cullimore, Mobley Farm

Fourth generation farmer Rob Cullimore manages Mobley Farm alongside his father and brother in Berkeley, Gloucestershire. The farm is home to 600 pedigree Holsteins averaging 8,500 litres per year. Rob has been using Cogent Beef Visions sires on his herd of cows since 2012. "We started off using Rathkeeland Eire and Garymar Flintoff and have continued using visions ever since, mainly because of the quality of the calves".

Beef Visions is the young sire testing programme from Cogent which helps validate the genomic predictions for young bulls. It was developed to improve the national herd by providing information collected across a vast array of farming systems. 



Sexed semen is a vital breeding tool for Mr Cullimore. He has been using sexed semen for numerous years and ensures that he only targets the correct cows to use it on within this herd. "I carry out 100% of the AI within the herd and only use sexed semen on my most elite cows and use a homebred Holstein bull on the maiden heifers" says Rob. 

On the remaining proportion of the herd Rob uses a combination of his own Simmental bull and Cogent's Beef Visions sires. Six years ago, Rob bought some British Blue Beef Visions semen from sires including Rathkeeland Eire, Garymar Flintoff and Graymar Flipper. Today, Mr Cullimore continues to incorporate British Blue Beef Visions sires into his breeding plan using them on his fourth and fifth lactation cows, Mr Cullimore says "The British Blue sires have produced good quality calves with a dark blue roan coat colour; particularly the Insolite D'Aubry ones".

Aside from rearing British Blue calves, the Cullimore's main beef enterprise is rearing Aberdeen Angus calves to supply into a Tesco Beef Scheme which they have been part of for many years. Therefore, much of the Beef Visions sires used within their herd are Aberdeen Angus. These include, Oakchurch De Admiral, Rawburn Enigmatic and Thrunton Picador. "The calves are hard to fault they just get up and go" Rob explains.

Working with Cogent's Martin Ley, the Cullimores select Beef Visions sires by focusing on calving ease because an easy calving cow is essential for their system and to ensure minimal veterinary assistance. Calf quality is another important trait, to ensure they produce maximum value. The pair have adopted a forward-thinking mindset whereby they choose young sires as soon as they come onto the visions programme ensuring they have the best possible selection of bulls. Tanat Jack Daniels is a favourite of the families. Rob says, "The quality of Tanat Jack Daniels calves is outstanding".




All the calves at Mobley Farm, regardless of whether they are part of a contract, are reared from calves up until they finished at the age of around 26 months. These processes all take place in three different sheds on the farm where they are grouped according to age and all fed on the same ration.

With Mr Cullimore using Visions Sires for several years, he has returned many calving surveys for a vast array of bulls. This is hugely advantageous as it means Cogent can provide customers with proven bulls that have real data to back up their quality, Rob explains: "Receiving two free straws of Visions semen for every calving survey returned is a fantastic incentive to make sure the form is completed and returned". 





Mr Cullimore believes that in the future he will continue to rear beef on his farm as it is a crucial part of the family business. They are also considering using Cogent Sexed Semen 4M and are particularly interested in TW Goodwhone.