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Productivity, Efficiency and Profitability.. All being achieved at this Somerset herd!

Precision is the reproductive solution for your farm delivering the next generation optimum herd performance. Consistency, accuracy and cutting-edge technology combine to increase herd productivity and farm profits.  

Our team visited Manor Farm, an intensive dairy farm located on the Mendip hills. The farm currently milks 1,300 cows and utilises over 1400 acres of land.

Ben Yates (Farm Manager) runs Manor Farm Dairy alongside (Herd Manager) Jeremy Payne. The herd of 1,300 Holstein-Friesians, which includes 450 head of young stock are situated in 1,400 acres of land in Shepton Mallett, Somerset. The farm began using Cogent Precision services in August 2017.

The facilities at Manor Farm are ultra-modern and include a 64-point rotary DeLaval parlour, milking 1,300 cows, 3 times per day.

Mr Yates was looking for a reproductive partner to provide guidance and advice on fertility and health. With the use of Cogent Precision services, he can effectively manage and grow the herd.

"I know that my fertility is 100% covered with Cogent Precision which allows me to focus on other areas of the farm" says Ben.

Currently, Manor Farm are using sexed semen on a majority of the milking cows (under 100 days in milk for the first two services) then moving to conventional for subsequent inseminations. The decisions to breed which animals to sexed are left to the Cogent Technicians, taking the strength of heat, vet history, BCS (body condition score) and lameness into consideration. Manor Farm are at present reaching conception rates of over 35% with sexed semen. There are some animals that go straight to British Blue beef, which brings financial benefits to the business. In the future, Ben is looking to introduce Cogent Sexed Semen 4M into the herd and shift to using 100% Sexed Semen. Cogent 4M sires that Ben will be introducing into the herd include DG Brody and Glamour Achieve. Both sires are from excellent cow families and are showing excellent Fertility alongside great Type and Strength in their progeny.

Herd health is a priority at Manor Farm Dairy. With a regular vet routine, all illnesses are spotted and diagnosed immediately. "Since September we have only had 1 DA out of 400 calving's. We've also inserted magnets into each cow on farm and have ensured that the whole herd is vaccinated. We are also utilising the MooMonitor system for heat detection on our young stock as part of the Precision Repro service too" explains Mr Yates.

When looking for a sire, Mr Yates looks at numerous qualities that include Health, Type and Milk traits. Cogent sires that have been introduced into the herd include Wiltor Dreamer and De Oosterhof Canon Power. Both sires not only have great production figures, but also combine an exceptional Type linear and mammary systems. "I only use 3 bulls maximum in a 12-month window. I like to keep everything simple, without over complicating" says Ben.  

Communication is vital on the farm, and Ben explains that working in a team alongside our Precision Technicians is key to running the business. "Having a second set of eyes really supports myself and Jeremy" he explains.

Mike Steans is the Precision Repro technician at Manor Farm, and along with the rest of the Precision team he manages the day to day reproduction and fertility side of the business, reporting back to Ben and Jeremy. With this close working relationship and producing accurate vet lists, the farm is achieving excellent results. Working as a team is a key part to the success. The Precision REPRO service has enabled Ben to decrease calving intervals, as well as increase submission rates and pregnancy rates on the farm.

Alongside using Cogent Precision REPRO, Ben uses the Cogent 'Precision Data +' (PD+) FarmWizard data management application to capture data at Manor Farm. This tool allows Ben to deal with vast amounts of data and creates a resourceful, whole herd management solution. He can access farm records anytime, anywhere. "We want cows that are productive, efficient and profitable, and the use of this Cogent Precision data management system allows me to be. It is a simple and effective solution."

Be sure that every cow in your herd is maximising it's potential... Join Precision REPRO today and help drive your performance and profitability.    

To find out more about our Precision services speak to one of the team on 0800 135 7404.