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Supershot success in South Wales - Croesnant Farm

Supershot success in South Wales - Croesnant Farm 

Brian Evans has been using Cogent for 5 years and farms in a family partnership with his parents at Croesnant Farm, South Wales. The farm is currently milking 120 Holstein-Friesians with all replacement heifers bred on the farm.

He has used a selection of sires including Wiltor Dreamer, Woodmarsh Asterix, Inch Number One and Cogent Supershot. He uses Cogent Triple Impact British Blue semen on the rest of his herd and is extremely happy with the calf quality and the prices that he is receiving at market. "I am pleased with the quality of the Cogent Triple Impact British Blue calves which are producing top prices at market. They are good, strong calves that average £300 at market, with my top price reaching £472." 

"One of my favourites has got to be Cogent Supershot. Our Supershot calves are strong calves that are easy calving, they just get up and go! Our conception rates with this bull have been fantastic, with 20/25 holding first time to sexed semen." 

Brian prefers a smaller statured cow that is not too big but strong and powerful. For all his breeding decisions he relies on Sian Jones his Cogent Breeding Advisor to select the right sires for his herd. "We have recently introduced sires including Inch Number One, Wintersell Milo and Sunview Fantastic which hold traits that fit his system. He has started to introduce Friesian into the herd by using this on cows that are getting too big within the herd and wanted to introduce more Butterfat and Protein, which is what we have achieved." 

In the future Croesnant Farm is looking to introduce SexedULTRA 4M across the herd to increase the number of heifers born on the farm. 

For more information on any of the sires mentioned in this article please visit our website at or give one of the ream a call on 0800 783 7258.