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PinPoint is the precision breeding management service from Cogent.

Based on state-of-the-art heat detection and data processing, PinPoint uses the most advanced three-dimensional motion monitoring technology available today to increase the accuracy of heat detection.

The PinPoint system also includes the option of bespoke herd fertility analysis and comes with full and ongoing service back up and advice available to all Cogent customers.

PinPoint has the proven potential to improve the average UK herd calving index by a full 21-day cycle within the first 18 months of use and then take fertility management to a sustainably higher level in many dairy herds.

PinPoint facts:

  • Less than one in five UK dairy herds currently uses any kind of activity monitor to assist with heat detection.
  • Yet the concept is proven as a way to improve accuracy and therefore increase submission rates significantly.
  • Average submission rate in 2007 was 45%, use of an effective activity monitor as part of herd reproductive management can lift this to 85-90%.
  • Calving index of close to 400 achievable through improved heat detection (UK average = 425 days in 2007).
  • Continued use of the system and a more focused approach to herd fertility management that becomes habitual, means herds see more pregnancies, more calvings and more milk on a sustainable level.
  • Collars used in the PinPoint system have an extended life span compared to any other system available, as they have replaceable batteries.

A system that pays dividends
Take a 150-cow all-year-round calving herd, where the total cost of the system equates to just less than £65/cow. With an improvement of 21 days in the calving index (worth £52/cow), PinPoint could provide a return on investment within 18 months and thereafter pay dividends as it fulfils a role as part of the improved herd fertility management.

Tried, tested and trusted
The activity monitor collars used as part of the PinPoint system have been developed in Ireland by Dairymaster on multi-managed herds and used widely in the United States. Collars monitor activity using three-dimensional motion detection and transmit data wirelessly to a base station when cows are within 100 metres. The base station connects to the farm office computer, either via cable or wirelessly, on which the PinPoint software is installed to provide analysis and management of the information.

Activity monitors used in the PinPoint system are proven to detect heats with very high accuracy, with far fewer false positives than are seen in other systems. This is due to the sophistication of the motion detection system and the interpretation of the information by the software. Furthermore, data is collected three times a second and downloaded hourly when cows are within range of the base station, which again enhances the accuracy of the system.

The software supporting the system is stand-alone and compatible with most modern PCs and tablets, and there is also an APP for smartphones. Most importantly, the software is very user friendly and can be customised for individual farm requirements.

PinPoint is about much more than selling collars. It provides a new level of precision breeding management.

Once the information is collected, our technical support team can interpret the information from the herd's existing management programme and carry out a full fertility analysis where required. This allows us to identify any weaknesses and set targets so that the PinPoint technology is used to best effect.

Dairy farmers interested in PinPoint should speak to their specialist Cogent breeding adviser who will arrange a visit from a member of the PinPoint technical support team.

For further information please contact:

Michael Jones
Precision Reproduction Manager
T: +44 (0) 7584 238635