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Developed to improve the national herd by providing reliable information collected across a vast array of farming systems, Cogentís renowned Visions Programme helps validate the genomic predictions for young bulls. Through accurately selecting and proving the bulls that enter our Visions Programme, Cogent is able to supply breed leading sires to our customers. This aids improvement in the quality, productivity and profitability of their herds, as well as strengthening the national genetic base.

To find out more, contact a member of the Visions team or your local Cogent Breeding Advisor.

T: 0800 783 7258



In recent years, genomic indices for the Holstein breed have transformed the way we look at young bulls. At Cogent, these indices have always been at the heart of our sire selection and we continue to use them with more and more confidence as scientific understanding grows.

We now know that the correlation between a genomic index (based on a bull's own DNA) and his UK progeny index (based largely on his daughters' performance) is even stronger than the industry had anticipated.

This means that those breeders who have used the top, genomic sires have had the chance to make the best possible, genetic progress within their herds.

However, even with our confidence in genomic testing, we are a responsible, genetic partner to your business and still hold our traditional values of selecting the best individuals and cow families. We always use complimentary sire stacks to ensure maximum confidence in our bulls


Cogent is committed to putting genomics at the heart of our progeny testing scheme and every Visions bull is on offer to members at a remarkable, £7.50 per straw.

Quite simply, by using the semen from the genomic bulls as soon as possible, not only will you benefit from their genetics in your herd but we will also be able to get more daughters included in their first daughter proofs.


As we watch bulls previously sold as genomic sires graduate as proven bulls, the reliability of genomic data is confirmed.

However, as this data is underpinned by the proven reference population, it is vital that we collect information on UK farms under UK conditions to validate genomic proofs. By teaming up with our sister company Farmwizard, Cogent can provide customers with the UKís latest and most user friendly, farm management software. This platform will not only save you time in day-to-day record keeping and analysis but will also provide us with extensive data on our Visions sires.


Cogent is dedicated to sourcing the finest bloodlines from the best sires and cow families in the world. This commitment to obtaining the best means that profit driven, dairy farmers can make significant economic gains through Visions.

The Cogent’s Vision Sires represent the next generation of breed-leading bulls that continue to build on the progress that our older, proven bulls have offered. You can also get access to sons of elite sires not previously available in the UK. This keeps our farmers at the forefront of the industry and ensures your herd is a generation ahead of their contemporaries.

  • Early access to all genomically tested Cogent Sires at just £7.50
  • 30% Discount to all new, catalogued sires
  • Additional introductory rates/discounts
  • Free access to more than £400 worth of the herd management software, Precision Data
  • Free LIFT classification on daughters of Visions Sires*

    *All daughters of sires living at the point of progeny reaching 2yrs of age where the semen was purchased during the Visions period for that bull.

Progeny testing remains at the core of the Cogent philosophy and we believe that through a clearly focused, selection process, Visions will bring the best selection of sires from anywhere in the world.

The calibre of todayís Visions bulls are higher than ever before; meaning you can cut the cost of breeding better cows and, with the addition of Precision DATA, your on-farm records can be updated with ease.

There's never been a more exciting time to become part of Visions.


Precision DATA is a cloud based, farm management, software solution. The programme brings a vast array of benefits to any dairy farmer regardless of herd size or situation.

Precision DATA:

  • Registers calves automatically with BCMS/APHIS and Holstein UK
  • Is cheaper than tele-reg with Holstein UK
  • Offers a single point of entry, meaning details only need to be entered once and covers: BCMS/APHIS, HUK & Trading Standards
  • Records heats, AI and scan results and auto calculates calving dates and dry off dates
  • Fully integrates with parlours, heat detection systems and other technology
  • Allows the user to run extensive on farm reports
  • Links to all major milk recording companies

Cogent Beef Visionís, the UKís leading Beef testing programme was set up to mirror image the original Dairy Visionís programme. Over the past few years, the Beef Visionís programme has gone from strength to strength and is now recognised for its data reliability in both the domestic and international markets.

Through our testing of young Beef sires, we can provide customers with proven bulls with the huge advantage that they have real data to back up their quality. Bulls selected to be used in the Beef on Dairy portfolio; all have traits ideally suited to the UK dairy farmer working with different dairy systems.

How Beef Visionís works:

1000 Straws distributed to dedicated Beef Visionís farmers

When calves are born, calving surveys are distributed and completed by farmers to assess:

  • Calving Ease
  • Gestation Length
  • Calf Quality
  • Calf Colour (more specific to British Blues)
  • Calf Vigour